Firearm Trusts

Besides criminal law, we handle protecting second amendment rights in the State of Nevada.  It is important for a free citizenry to know and exercise our fundamental rights lest we lose them from ignorance and apathy.

Nevada offers gun ownership in trusts, which can provide many benefits to handgun enthusiasts.

Many people believe it is illegal to own machine guns, short barrel rifles (barrels less than 16"), short barrel shotguns, suppressors (commonly known as silencers), and other weapons. That is not true in the state of Nevada. You can own those items if you comply with the National Firearms Act (commonly called "Class 3 Firearms"), and for most people the preferred way to own these items are through a firearm trust.

If you do not possess these items legally, you are facing up to ten years in Federal prison as well as a fine of up to $250,000. If convicted, you would also be a felon which means you are forever bared you from possessing any firearms in most circumstances. You do not want that so if you are interested in owning one of the above items, contact Attorney Jonathan Schulman.

Schedule a $100 consultation with our firm to learn about the process, and if you hire us to create a gun trust for you, we shall include the consultation fee in the legal fees. Trusts start at $200 and above.