Our Company

The Law Offices of Jonathan Schulman, PC is a Nevada professional corporation founded by Jonathan Schulman after he quit his job as a Las Vegas Prosecutor in August 2008.  This law firm provides legal aid to clients charged with crimes within and around the Las Vegas Valley, including North Las Vegas, Clark County, Henderson, Searchlight, and Boulder City.

Although we charge a small fee for legal consultations, the experience and detail provided by our criminal defense attorney to the person charged is invaluable aid.  We also have highly competitive rates compared to other criminal defense law firms.  Please refer to our "Types of Crimes" page on the left to learn what we charge for different crimes and phases of the criminal legal process.

Because the police arrest people at all hours of the day and night, we try to be available in the evenings or early mornings to meet with the accused or friends and family members in order to give them advice as soon as possible after the arrest.  

One of the most important pieces of advice an accused should adhere to is to "keep your mouth shut."  You have a fifth amendment right to remain silent, and believe us when we say, "more convictions results from talking than from other evidence gathered by the police."

When you need legal assistance, let us aid you.  Call (702) 489-9800