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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is taken very seriously in Las Vegas and Henderson.  If the police are called on a domestic disturbance by neighbors or by one of the parties engaged in an argument, chances are someone will go to jail and will be charged with domestic violence.

Domestic violence is one of the worst misdemeanors to be charged with.  If you plead guilty because you think it is just a silly misdemeanor, you may want to think again.  

If you are adjudged guilty or plead guilty, a domestic violence charge on your record will have adverse ramifications for many years.  For instance, this charge will prohibit you from being free to own a handgun, could prevent you from acquiring gainful employment, and will have negative consequences in family court when child custody is at issue.

If you were charged with domestic violence, we can help. You may have justifications for your actions, including defending yourself (which you are free to do under the right circumstances) from another or if you were involved in a situation and you have regrets but should not suffer for years because of it—we will consider all your alternatives. 

Contact us immediately for an inexpensive consultation and be prepared to explain the details of your case so we can analyze what you should do.

You need an experienced domestic violence lawyer to advise you and represent you in court.  Call us for affordable, competent, experienced legal aid in Henderson and Las Vegas.