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Shoplifting is the street name for larceny in Nevada.  Larceny is when someone steals, takes, or carries away the property of another intentionally.  Because shoplifting or larceny is a crime of deceit, it is important not to have this on your criminal record.  If you have been charged, you will want competent legal representation immediately.  

A crime of this nature showing up on a background check could affect the types of jobs you get.  For instance, you would have a very difficult time passing character and fitness to become a lawyer.  Also, this kind of crime can affect your immigration status.  It can even affect whether a landlord will want to rent to you.  A conviction of this crime can also enhance the punishment of subsequent crimes you are found guilty of.  A minor indiscretion such as shoplifting can affect your future free life.

After you have been charged with this crime, you may feel that you just want to get it over with because it is a minor crime, even if you feel your rights were violated in the process.  Do not make a hasty decision that could affect the rest of your free life without first consulting a competent criminal defense attorney.

Your legal rights must be fought for. Rights require sacrifice, they are not cheap. Sometimes this means consulting with several criminal defense attorneys to ensure you will get the right information to help you decide how to proceed on your criminal case.  

We offer inexpensive advice and affordable legal aid when a client is charged with larceny or shoplifting.