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Traffic Citation

Speeding tickets are annoying, take up time, money, energy, and create stress.  Not so for traffic attorneys.  Traffic lawyers get in and out of court quickly with, often times, a much better deal than the client would get by themselves.

Traffic tickets could be for many things, including broken taillights, speeding, weaving, exertion or display of power, tailgating, driving too slow, running a red light, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, failure to have proof of insurance or driver's license or registration, and many, many other violations.

Our traffic lawyer has literally negotiated thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of traffic tickets in the Las Vegas Valley, which includes North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and Federal lands including Lake Mead and Red Rock.

We know what to look for.  Some cases we are able to dismiss completely.  Most cases we can resolve so that you do not get points on your driver's records.  Almost all cases we can handle so you do not have to go to court, which will free up your time.